Saturday, September 15, 2007

A small "Falling Down"

As the Yarn Harlot would say when she "accidentally" buys more yarn. I went to Effilochee last night to a WARM welcome which was lovely. Dana was there and gave me hugs as did Daniel and Ginette....oh it was lovely. I got a couple of rows on Cam's sweater done, showed off Jessie's sock and fondled ALOT of new stock in the shop. Oh my Gods there is so much new stuff I could barely take it in. Rowan, Mirasol, and Mission Falls, and Ultra Alpaca Light and new baby alpaca that oooooooohh if you slipped your hand into the cubby and just fondled...(sound like Homer Simpson when her drools)...the softness is unbelievable. Colour colour EVERYWHERE!! Cashmere!!!! Oh the wondrous beauty of it all.
So as you recall I had a slight mission for stash enhancement for mitten making. I bought 2 skiens of Naruko superwash wool. Now the thing is Naruko isn't very soft ...BUT this is mittens not undies so thats ok . Also the colours are faily "meh" as in blah. BUT they are 100 gram skeins... I got and olivey green and burnt pumpkin that went nicely together and then for the new Mission Falls superwash ( 50 gram balls and soft soft and amazing lovely colours) I selected one skein of an aubergine purple. These three colours will make stunning mittens together! Very beautiful BUT not all girly. Machine washable warmness for my guys.
Dana begged to see the Fake Isle hat that I was going to do this summer...problem is that I didn't do it!! OOOPS! She loves the look of it but wants to know how hard it will be before under her pressure..I mean sweet guidance ...I bought a skein of Noro Silk Garden.
Noro gets raves from knitters all over the web. Its ..nice...but I may never knit with it again. Lets just say i like the idea of Noro with its colours and textures but its kinda bitchy to work with. Also...pattern called for Kureyon not silk garden...WHOOPS. Hope it all works out anyways with my black worsted for the "fake fair isle". Silk doesn't have the elasticity of wool. I may need to switch it for a skein of Kureyon. Anyways, I cast it on last night before bed and am on round 3 of the ribbing.
So current WIPs are : Jessie's sock, Fake Isle hat, Cammie's raglan sweater, fixing one thrummed mitten and making its mate (oooh and Ginette plans on having more roving come in October...hee hee), that damn bamboo mobius I never finished..... At least I'm not bored!
I may go back to Effilochee tomorrow and take Ben with me. He wants to learn to knit and maybe just sitting awhile with other knitters and trying it himself will encourage him. Ginette said that they found that people were learning better informally than in the beginner class setting so this is what I will try with him. Less pressure to sit through a class. Yet it will make him more likely to try for a longer time than here at home...perhaps. One can only try.
While HM has the couch potato at a sports lesson, I will try and encourage the attentionless to focus.

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