Monday, September 10, 2007

No Good Knitting Today

Today was a day that said "Do not knit. No good can come of this if you do so!" and I pretty much held out until late this afternoon. But then the lure of the thrums kept beckoning and I so wanted to finish the first mitten so I had Ben try it on and judged the thumb placement, after having finished the body of the mitten. I folowed the instructions for picking up stitches and , gulp, cutting the yarn between and working the thumb and its thrums to completion. Only....
The thumb is TOO SHORT!
Then after that disappointed finish I picked up the sock and diligently worke dthe rounds and toe decreases until i was ready to graft the toe shut. But whats this I noticed...? A DROPPED STITCH 3 inches back?? Rip rip rip........
So...after a few hours of knitterly endeavor I am truly no further ahead and in the case of the mitten, I need to deconstruct the thumb end and continue it until its actually long enough so I am possibly further behind, depending on your perspective.
I am perturbed and look forward to these kids going to bed so I can drown my sorrows in Simon Pegg and ice cream.

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