Thursday, September 13, 2007

About Emu Oil

A question about emu oil made me want to address the subject here and I apologise if the use of emu oil offends any vegans or PETA members.
While I was in Hawaii I made friends with a very beautiful woman named Amelie, the daughter of a client to my husband. This chick is seriously pretty! Tall, flowing hair, big brown eyes, wicked sense of humour (we got along great but drove her dad and HusbandMan crazy on the drive to the big crater). Her biggest beauty secret....emu oil! She had heard about it from a friend who knew lots about it and found it was working wondefully for her. Amelie suffers from psoriasis and has to be on a drug therapy for it because its so bad, but she found the emu oil soothing as well.
Its been used in Australia for millenia by aboriginals as a medical treatment for various ailments and is know to have anti inflammatory properties. Current research has it being a good source of Omega 6 (or was that omega 3?) essential fatty acids, and highly penetrating when applied to skin.
Anyways, I have tried lotions and potions and creams and stuffs and still am getting eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles and a lot of the lotions and potions don't agree with my skin. Emu oil doesn't make me break out and after one month I swear the wrinkles were reduced around my eyes. I buy mine ( and its a " produit du Quebec") at the local health food store in a wee pump action bottle that I appreciate for its ability for me to limit what I use to a drop at a drop goes pretty far. I apply and for a few minutes it can seem pretty oily but then its like there was nothing applied. I especially like it as a night time treatment for my eyes and lips.
So there you have it. Emu oil...the rendered and refined fat from a bird... beauty in a bottle. Could be worse...could be sheep's placenta or urine, right????? Or the blood of young beautiful virgins...? What a woman will do for pretty skin......sigh

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