Monday, September 24, 2007

Muuuuuuuch better

And much less in hate with the universe today. My cure? I cleaned and did laundry and listened to Cast On while I folded laundry and then went to store and bought obscene amounts of chips and stuff and ate a whole tublette of spinach dip with chips after I got home and then took a nap. Oh and I took 2 super potentcy B complex stress vitamins too.

My darling sister called to ask "WTF?" after reading yesterday's posting. LOL I was much better by then so we had a laugh over it and she appologised for not having any Valium cocktails for me. She is forgiven.

Remember a few weeks ago I made little person slippers and I was sending them to grand niece Annika? Well, she got them! And they seem to fit good!!! I stole this picture from her mommy's blog. How cute, eh? Her mom's blog is She Said, She Said if you are interested.
HM is home sick. He's been ailing all weekend and not sleeping hardly at all (complete opposite of me) and thinks he will stay home today and try recovering some. His fever is broken he says and last night he got more sleep than he has lately. On the couch in the family room far far away from She Who Snores....Loudly. I hear the shower going...maybe he's going to work afterall....

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