Thursday, September 27, 2007


Its raining today which I am not complaining about after the heat this week. My gardens are all quite dry for late September and I have been neglecting them terribly, making mental notes to go buy bags of compost and soil but then not doing it. End of the month pay is coming and I will do it then. Need lots. Its what I do in the spring and fall....lay down more dirt. Will I plant more bulbs this year? Not sure. Last years were a success thats for real, so maybe I was a great spring pick me up.
The Fake Isle hat from MagKnits is wonderful to work on. The pattern is not so hard that I feel a breakdown coming on and a couple rows here and there actually give results that can be seen. Love the pattern so far and will want to do it again someday. My beef with the Noro is the way it feels, the difficulty I had casting on with it, and its thready over spun parts tangle which I find irritating. The colour graduation is lovely though and I will see how it washes up before I make the final verdict on whether I will use it again. It may be worth it in the end...?
Today i was sooo tired that I went back to bed after the kids headed for school. Stayed up too late watching TV since its premier week (FINALLY) and was tossy and twitchy thanks to naps in the afternoons. Tuesday i caught the new show Reaper instaed of season premier of House. I am tired of House. Reaper was funny ...21 yr old doofus finds out on his birthday that his parents sold his soul to the Devil before he was born and now he is satan's employee, returning escaped bad guys to Hell. That part has been done befor eobviously but not like this and its funny to watch this guy and his pals fumble their way through it. I especially liked Sock chasing the pack of dogs through the store with a leaf blower like some sort of maniac.
Last night I watched Bones and CSI:NY. Bones was great. I like that show. She is such a geek that its kinda funny and the cases tend toward the interesting. CSI: NY was fine. No big exclamations of enjoyment from me. I was never a big fan of it anyway but HM is. I like Las Vegas best.
Tonight will be Grey's Anatomy. Was losing touch with it last season but want to try the new season on for size. Enjoyed the Sandra Oh storyline of being set free at the will that be played out?
Anyways, thats my inanity of the day.


K. said...

I thought Reaper was hilarious! Especially the fact that Tyler Labine kept throwing things at the other guy to see if he has superpowers. It really doesn't take much to make me laugh...hehehehehe!

AliP said...

Oh my gods that was sooooo funny. I forgot that one!

Vicky said...

OMG...I cannot believe that I missed Bones! I love that show. I saw all the CSI's, Private practice, Criminal minds and Grey's...but sadly missed Bones!