Friday, September 28, 2007

Gotta start carrying cash.... that I don't leave a paper trail. Had another small "falling down" at Effiloche tonight. Why oh why oh why do Ginette and Celine stock such scrumptious stuffs??! It will be the end of me.
So, I knew I would stash enhance but was thoroughly undecided as to what. I browsed then gave up and sit and knit and chatted with the other fine folk. Then nearing time to go, I gave browsing another shot. What would I want......hmmm.....well needed a bottle of SOAK so grabbed one of them....perused the wools and alpacas...then hit upon the Mirasol Hacho again. This is a wool from Peru and is supposed to share profits with some organization in Peru for kids. I'm fuzzy on the details, no pun intended (wool...fuzzy..get it?). I have a skein from Robyn's Nest and like the feel of it.
All of a sudden I am struck dumb (as in mute not stupid...or maybe its the other way around..) by this amazingly gaudy colourway loaded with oranges, greens, mauve, and yellows and a pale blue that is I swear exactly the same shade as my winter jacket. Or close enough. Suddenly I am scooping out all the skeins (4) of this colourway(#300 or Tutti Frutti), envisioning a scarf or hat with matching fingerless mitts to go with my powder blue jacket. I love it. It make me happy just looking at it for some reason. Now imagine in the winter when everything is bleah how happy these eyesearing colours will make me!
Then I got a yarn cutter pendant because I think they're cool and I have regretted not buying one in Halifax in August when I saw one.
Standing at the cash I sing songed at Ginette to "Come take my money before the yarn fumes wear off...!"
It must have been those German chocolate marshmallow cookie thingies Danna gave me. Sugar and yarn.... financially lethal mix.


Knitting Mama said...

I thought I was your Mirasol supplier!

K. said...

ROFL!!! yarn fumes!!! Don't feel guilty about the stash enhancement, you neeeeeeeed those fingerless!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You have been officially infected with the SED(stash enhancement disease). No. There is no antidote. LMOL!!!