Sunday, September 23, 2007

Its that time again...

I am angry...I have rage...I want to cry..I want to be ALONE with NOONE ever speaking to me. This include kids, spouse, dog, cats and fish. Everything I try to accomplish hits a brick wall (Knit a hat, mitten, fix a chair....)and I am plenty ready to give up. I am tired of having to THINK for OTHER PEOPLE on an almost constant basis (if there is no garbage bag in the bin, do not put garbage into the bin...get a fucking bag, line the bin and THEN dispose of said trash. Is this really that fucking difficult?? Likewise if you pee on the toilet seat...wipe it off.)
I am sick to death of laundry, cooking, DUST, wiping up counters, floors counter floors counters floors, toilets and floors and counters. Did I mention the floors? The Counters? The dust in this house is driving me right up the wall. seriously. i could wipe every fucking surface of this house daily and still there would be more dust when I turn around. Is it any wonder that I give up and try to sleep and eat my existance away? Except I can't because then someone would bitch that they have no clean socks or underwear or that the house is a pig sty. Which it isn't but today I seriously feel like it is and in some areas thats true even though its has been vacuumed and dusted not so very long ago.
Yes its that time again. PMS . Just hand me a Valium cocktail will you and then fuck right off. Thats a dear.

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