Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today I spent the entire day thinking it was Thursday. Even though I knew HM would be back from his trip tonight and that was scheduled to be Wednesday, I still thought it was Thursday until about 5 pm. How sad and pathetic is that?
I was knitting a mitten from a pattern found online for "generic mitten" and even though I was only about 2 rows thumb base I ripped it all out. It just wasn't what i wanted. What I NEED to do is fix thrummed mitt number one and then make it a partner. What I need to do is work on Jessie's second Jitterbug sock (its started) and that would go wicked fast if HM would take me on a nice longish car trip. Yes, these are things that need to be done...but I want to do something else. Maybe cast on Cammie's sweater which I have sorta planned out on paper but need to wind the yarn for?
No...what I really wanna make is generic mittens so that once I master the method I can make cool funkadelic mittens. For this I had thought to use my stash BUT stash does not include superwash other than sock yarn and I am NOT making sock yarn mittens. I want really warm but totally washable mittens. Robyn's Nest has Cascade washable but the colours are not exactly masculine-ish. Ginette has MUCH super wash in both DK and worsted at Effiloche and I am hoping to drop in on Friday night for some stitchin' time. Perhaps I could wind yarn and cast on Cammie's cozy sweater to work on there AND buy some superwash wool for mittens? But that would lead to stash enlargement .....hmmmm..... I fail to see the down side of this plan..........

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

LMOL. Stash enhancement is NEVER a bad thing! HEEHEHEHHe