Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today was picture day at school for both boys ( they looked so handsome...sigh) and also THE DAY that Cameron got his retainers. His teeth are even worse than Ben's so his top retainer now is one that is cemented into place whilst the bottom one is removable for cleaning and adjustments. In about 3 months, depending on progress of the correction, his top retainer will be removed to be replaced with a removable one.
To say this has been traumatic would be pretty accurate. He came home for lunch hysterical about the whole situation. He is having trouble swallowing, chewing, drinking and talking. He was frustrated and probably a little scared. What if it stays like this? What if it never gets better? What if he never gets the hang of having these things stuck in his gob and is doomed to applesauce and slurring forever???? Which, he being of the glass empty variety when upset, was certain it would.
That top retainer is a real bugger. Its bonded to his teeth, covering his molars with molded "plastic?" about 1/8th of an inch thick (maybe less) making for an awkward chewing surface not to mention difficulty biting with his front teeth since now they can't seem to meet to close the deal, so to speak. The metal adjustable part is at the roof of his mouth so now his tongue can't press against the palate for swallowing etc. So, I will be trying to make easily chewed food for awhile. I am glad its not me and he has my sympathy.
I feel like I am getting a head cold. I have that irritated nose feeling. Will go grab a zinc tablet in a minute but wanted to mention that the Jitterbug sock is about to have its heel flap started. i made good progress today after folding last weeks laundry and listening to back episodes of Cast On. I just finished episode 50...slowly catching up to the rest of the knitting 'verse.

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