Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Things

I was reading Crazy Aunt Purl this morning and she mentioned her "Ca Buy Me Love" list and I thought...hmmmm. I should have a happy list. Things that just make me happy to use or whatever. So here goes:

Favorite Perfumes; I don't just have one. i'm so fickle! Some women have one perfume their whole life and its their "Signature Scent". I just can't though I did try. I was a Shalimar gal for years BUT my body chemistry changed and now to apply Shalimar to my body is a recipe for "Whats That Funky Smell??!" . I CAN spray it on my clothes and thus combat the body thing but its just not the same. Currently I have 2 perfumes/colognes/ eau de toilettes/whatevers" Bambou from Yves Rocher and Wisteria from Crabtree and Evelyn. I am open to others though cuz like I said..I am a fickle bitch and cannot commit to one.

Favorite Household Product: Hertel Concentrated cleaner. I use it everywhere. I use spray bottles from other products that ran out or bottles that I bought and mix up my own spray cleaner with Hertel, water, and essential oils like tea tree and lavender. Its makes for easy spot clean-ups between deep cleanings. Works great on glass and other surfaces and is biodegradeable.

Favorite body wash: Well, again i am fickle. I was using Neutrogena Rainbath because I love the smell, like Pears soap. Its a clean, unisex, non-perfumey smell. LOVE it. Now though, my skin is complaining! It must be age or the exposure to the elements this summer, but my legs and arms are getting crinkly!!! EEEK!!! I scratched at an intch and holy dry skin on my legs and arms and then I looked closer and they were no longer smooth and suppl...wtf? When'd that happen?? So now I am showering with the Dove body wash oil for very dry skin (the pink bottle) and trying to remember to moisturize.
Fave Moisturizer for body: Body Shop Coconut Body Butter.
Fave Moisturizer for face : Pure emu oil.
Fave Moisturizer for hands: Tacyderm
" " " " """""""""""""" Lips: Blistex ointment
These all work really really well.
Which brings us to Hair .
Fave hair conditioner for damaged, fucked up hair: I had two...One real pricey from the salon and one from the drug store. I forget the names but they work good without making the hair all limp.
Fave Hair Product right now: A Got 2 B product for curls. Its sprays on wet hair and doesn't get crunchy while encouraging my curl. Its great but makes my head itch later.
Fave Lipstick: A moiturizing Revlon colourstay. Stays on great but doesn't get too gunky or dried out on the lips.
Fave mascara: That one Queen Latifah hawks from Covergirl.
Favorite sock yarn : Colinette Jitterbug
Favorite needles: bamboo, various brands but not the ones from Zellers. Too dull.
Favorite jammies: flannel bottoms and tank tops. Comfy!
Favorite Kitchen Shortcut: Jarred garlic and ginger.
Favorite Laundry Detergent: Tide!!! But i almost never buy it because its so expensive. I love the smell of Tide powder but with the HE washer I use liquids and ones that are much less expensive.
Favorite Dryer Sheets; I don't use them often but the one I currently like is a President's Choice with Lavender scent. Mmmmmm soothing.

Thus concludes my day to day things that make me happier.


Suldog said...

I'm probably going to feel really dumb, but here goes...

Emu Oil? Is it actually oil from a bird? Like chicken fat?

AliP said...

Uuuuummmm.......I do believe that is somewhat the source, yes. But now that you put it that way.......