Friday, October 19, 2007

Why do I listen??

I am a creative person. I come up with ideas...not so great at bringing them to fruition though which gives me a bad rap as a person incapable of following through but I think there is a place in the world for Idea People. Its not my fault I have a short attention span.
So...once upon a time when I had two babies instead of two almost male tweens, one of them was an insanely picky eater. He has improved somewhat but is still very adamant on his food opinions. I made it my mission to sneak nutrition into him at every opportunity and I had a great repertoire of sneakings. Then I thought Eureka! Idea! I should write a cookbook for moms of picky eaters to help sneak good nutrition into the kids diets! I had a title idea and everything : Camouflage Cooking (or something like that.) I was entusiastic as I am prone to be over a new idea and told a friend whose opinion I valued and also had small kids. She was much less enthusiastic as in noone would ever print such a cookbook let alone BUY one. Idea was crushed and swept into the trash bin. WHY DID I LISTEN TO HER!!?
Fast forward to NOW: Not only has someone written and had published such a book but there are TWO. One of which by Jerry Seinfeld's wife and mother of 3. Some are claiming that she copied but alls I can say is that great ideas come to more than one and she simply went with her's unknowing of the other book that came out last spring. Or that said idea had blossomed in my fat little cranium 8 years ago.
Other cool/"weird" Ideas I have had over the years:
~Comic Strip called unsuspecting environmental scientist is pecked by a radioactive flamingo and develops super powers and a pink costume :Its a bird its a plane its...FLAMANGO!! Dealing out natural justice to environmental criminals everywhere there is...umm..environmental crime? Unfortunately I can't draw. I did have his super hero pose down pat though. Tra la laaaaa...(thats from captain underpants).
~Cable or HGTV show called Guerilla Gardening: Garden ninjas/guerillas sneak into other peoples yards (permission would have been granted before taping) under cover of darkness to steal cuttings or seeds so that they could root them for their own gardens and/or develop gardens on the sly. It had great comedic potential and is based on actual events from my childhood. One of those cuttings, 20 plus years later, is a magnificent specimen in the current yard of one of the guilty parties. I name no names.
I am equally inventive when it comes to ideas for REVENGE against mean people. My favorite idea was to live trap a skunk, tranquilise it, and put it in the basement or apartment of guilty party.
But like I said...I am an IDEA person. I did not follow through.

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