Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday night

I did make it to Effiloche tonight. It was wonderful and busy busy busy. I stayed about two hours and then I just became so tired. I couldn't concentrate on my knitting anyway and I think Dana would have found it odd if I used her leg as a pillow as I found so tempting.;oD At that point I decided I needed to go home. Ginette asked me to wait and she would do the name ballot draw right away and who do you think was the first name pulled out of the vase!! Can you believe this. Soon I will be banned from all Effiloche contests and raffles etc because I win too often. My prize? A $25 gift certificate for the jewellry shop next door to Effiloche. The proprietor makes lovely hand made jewellry. Me so lucky!!!!
After my posting this afternoon, the doctor called with my blood test results: everything normal. This whole experience has been a huge relief. The BP, while high, didn't seem to concern the doctor since mt ECG was so good. The blood test results showed no cholesterol problems or diabetes or thyroid problems or anything amiss at all. Now I just wait for the PAP results and for this fatigue/dizziness to be GONE. So tired all the tiiiimmmmeeee. I know I am world champion sleeper but this is beyond sleep. I don't want to say weakness....its hard to explain. I'm just fairly drained and even though I took a good nap this afternoon by 8:30 tonight I was wiped. Annoying as hell more than anything. Not a cause for worry though and for that I am so grateful.

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K. said...

yaaaaaay on your win!!!! But mainly, yay on your casting on for the pirates!!! wooot woot!!!!!! I look forward to seeing pics!!!!!!