Friday, October 05, 2007


Today the kids have no school and sice its Thanksgiving weekend no school Monday as well. Thought "Ahh! Perfect day for the trip to the gov't run clinic for prescription renewals etc and not having to miss school!" Then I woke up sick. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh...
Made it back from CLSC to say goodbye and mucho gracias to Marla. She should be nearing NS by now if not actually in the province already. After she left i went to bed until it was time to go back to the CLSC at our appointed time. Afterwards we all came home (oh yeah HM stayed home to help me with the francophones)and while HM did work related stuff and the kids Played I slept..and slept... Got up at 3:30pm and was back down at 5pm until 7:30 pm. Is now 9:42 pm and I'm getting tired again.
Stupid colds and flu season. This sucks.
No more news on Ben's room obviously but the primer is dry and paint is ready when I am.

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Debra Aubin said...

sorry you're sick. Don't cough on the turkey!