Sunday, October 14, 2007

Big Night Out

Last night the man and I went out. As usual, plans did not go exactly as we had hoped.
The "Wine and Cheese" at the yacht club was more of of a sit down meal (wtf?? who calls a meal wine and cheee??). It was soooooo crowded with tables set out that my claustrophobia went into pretty high alert. I was chill though...controlled the hyperventilating and did not scream but the litany was rinning through my head "get me out getmeout gemmeowgemmeowgemmeowgemmow..." and I think maybe my eyes started bugging out. HM could see the panic in my face. Its different for him because he is taller than most of the people there wheras I am shorter so I feel buried in people. As in BURIED ALIVE!! in a jostling mass of people acrrying wine and bowls of soup. Me no likey. HM said "so what do you want to do?" I said "LEAVE??!" (gemmeowgemmeow..). So we did. So much for a nice mingley time meeting our fellow yacht club members. We booked outta there and went to Indigo on Ste Catharine's and perused books. Then we headed for our 8 PM reservation for dinner at Sho-Dan.
Oh My Gods...delicious. If you go you must order the "Lips". They aren't on the menu but are a house specialty as are the "Pizza"..also fantastic. If you like Japanese fusion and sushi make this a destination. Its not cheap but holy smokes it blows all other sushi I've had away. I think its on Metcalfe up from Ste.Cath's.
So then we thought "Hows abouts a movie?" and off we went to the former Paramount, now Baque Scotia cinema. He wanted Heart Break Kid...but it wasn't there though he had checked online earlier in the day. I wanted SuperBad which he did NOT. Elizabeth 2 wasn't starting for another 45 minutes...same with Stardust which i saw already... etc etc etc. So we thought...maybe try Colossus in Laval. There we totally struck out. Already started, full, or not wanted. Sooooo...we went home...
Big night out...home by 10:15pm. Typical.

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