Tuesday, October 23, 2007

halloween approacheth

Ooooh scary, kids! Ben is in decoration mode, demanding trips to Dollarama that I am just not up to with kids in tow. So today I perused my new halloween magazine and thought "I'll get stuffs and we will MAKE some new decorations". Like, this wee spider decoration..its a styrofoam ball on a stick that you paint black, glue googly eyes on and make wee wire legs for. How cute is that? Cam is excited but Ben was enraged that I dared go to the dollar store with out him. Oh well. I also scored a big sheet of broken styrofoam insulation for 3$ at RONA. Its slated to become tombstones with names like I.P. Knightly and Didi Makit. heh heh. i am nothing if not juvenile. I could use some other fun names so if you know any give them here.
Still dizzyish and the pharmacy BP machine says my pressure is a bit high. I have an appointment on Friday morning for a physical(including the female stuffs) at a private clinic. Holy money Batman!!! It be expensive. Some will be refunded through insurance. Its a relief though to know that I will soon be checked out and most likely told its all in my head. This is what I am hoping for because then I can forget about feeling dizzy and shakey and tired. Woo Hoo. Send me some good vibes for a diagnosis of NUTHIN'!!
I finshed Ben's orange mittens today. I must learn how to pick up thumb stitches without having two big holes to darn up. Other than that I think they are pretty awesome. More of the same type to follow. Pictures ASAP.

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Knitting Mama said...

I hope everything goes well at the doc on Friday. Maybe the machine at the pharmacy is broken. How reliable are those anyhow?

I can't wait to dress up Sean for Halloween. When your lawn is done, photograph your creation!