Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving etc

I am thankful that I am feeling MUCH better. Still some congestion but nothing I can't handle.
Yesterday I did the cutting in on Ben's room and then had a wee lay down to recover. i just couldn't rest easy though because I knew rollering would be so fast and I was so close to being DONE. So up I got and went at it again and am pleased to report that coat one of the Oh My Gods BLUE is on the walls of Ben's room. He picked this shade of blue that I swear is the same as the Crayola Crayon colour Sky Blue. A very....cheerful...colour to be sure but holy moly thats a lotta blue. I tried to coach him into a softer shade but no dice. At least its lighter than that danged terracotta dark rust colour that was on the walls so his room will be less cave like.
I was going to do the second coat today and still might. It won't take long at all but I also have a chicken brining in the fridge for supper. We are not big turkey eaters in this house. Usually only at Christmas.
Wanna make an awesome roasted chicken(or tutkey)? Start out by brining. I just use heavily salted water (sea salt) though there are many recipes out there for using herbs etc. I like to brine overnight but a few hours is better than nothing.
After brining, I then mix together olive oil, minced garlic (LOTS), powdered poultry herbs( don't be stingy), salt and pepper and rub it all over the bird inside and out and pour the left over in it and on it. I don't tend to stuff a chicken but if you do , save some of the olive oil mix for after stuffing and then pour it over the bird in the pan.
Tented with foil, roast breast DOWN at 350 until the 3/4 done point then remove the foil and baste the bird with pan juices a few times between this point and done-ness. You should end up with a juicy brown tasty chicken to serve. I find roasting a bird breast down results in breast that is really juicy and flavourful rather than dry. If this offends your bird roasting sensibilities you could do it your own way or flip the bird at the 3/4 point for the bastings and browning.
HM has declared he is super sick of chicken because we eat it fairly often (The kids like it) BUT if I make it like this he comes back for seconds. Cameron declares it "delithiouth" (he has a lisp) .
Happy Thanksgiving/Monday everyone.


Knitting Mama said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy turkey day!