Monday, October 15, 2007

M m m m Monday

"I aaaammmm sooo beeeyuuutifuuuuull to meeeeeee... What do you think you are doing with that camera! I never signed a release!! "
I am not for zee eating but for zee seed savings!! See affixed note plz!
Oh noes...she has de camera!!! If I close my eyeses she can't see me....

This is the mitten and Cammie's sweater on the needles as we speak. The sweater is Ultra Alpaca and the mittens are Nashua superwash wool so they will be way toasty being double layered and wool, but washable like an acrylic. Sweet.

I found out about the Montreal Knitters Guild and am tempted but holy cow they are far from me. Technically I am not IN Montreal but I don't think that'd be much of a problem. Meetings are on Tuesdays but way over in Beaconsfield which is on the other side of Montreal and with traffic? Oy. We are talking an hour or more depending. What to do what to do....?
Today Cam has another orthodontia appointment. Right now they are every two weeks and that coupled with regular detal appointments for Ben Cam and Me it seems like I F%^&ing live at this place. Its a pain in the arse but you gotta do what ya gotta do for your family.
On the plus side...Interweave Knits Holiday edition comes out tomorrow and me gots to have.
The double knit mitten is coming right along (see picture from this morning). I ripped it back because of dissatisfaction with the decreases (messing with the colour placements) and will attempt them again later. The yellow stripe is where the thumb will go. I picked up Cammie's sweater today and and almost at the end of the first skein of yarn. the colour pattern for the front starts in another couple inches. Gotta figure how I am going to manage that (colour work only on the front but the sweater is knit in the round. Also need to start the sleeves asap because they get added soon after the colourwork starts. This whole "winging it" method of sweater design is not recommended. If I knew how to design it right then I would but for now I can only arse around and hope for the best...then write down what works!! LOL I did chart out two alien designs from Knitty's bmp pattern and figured on a repeat of the two alien chart, counted the stitches, figured how many stitches at each end would center it on the front blah blah math math. My nerves are now about the raglan shaping and its effect on said colour work pattern. Maybe it'll be fiiine. But most likely it won't. Maybe only 3 aliens?? Oh well. If at first (second third 4th) it doesn't succced then I will rip rip again.
Ginette has Colinette Jitterbug 'Velvet" in stock now at Effiloche and today is payday which means that I may have a small falling down later in the week. Velvet has all the scruptiousness of regularly coloured Jitterbug BUT in a tweedy effected colouration rather than VERY colour contrasted. Not quite solid coloured but enough that say if one was to want to do a nice stitch pattern on a sock or something, the stitch pattern would SHOW rather than be hidden in the colours. I have wanted to try "Charade" and "Twisted Rib socks" plus I have an eyelet rib stitch pattern that I was thinging about attempting in a sock or something and they would all be stunning in these new Jitterbug colours.
I did mention Jessie recieved her sox right. She is in love with them!I mean, she picked out the colourway (Jewel) but this was in June! And her memory is not so hot! After a soaking in SOAK they were so incredibly soft and cushy and like a spa treatment for her feet. To those who say "eeeew" to WOOL because of scratchy itchy experiences all i can say is "go fondle Colinette Jitterbug superwash merino". Not your grannies bargain basement itchyassed wool that made you cry in discomfort as a kid. But ya gotta pay big for wool so fine which is why I am holding back.


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Oy? Is that some sort of secret Montreal-speak? Perhaps it's a knitting expression? :-)

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Smart ass.