Friday, October 26, 2007


The dizziness is not gone but is also not as bad as it was last weekend. Today I had a doctor's appointment in Boisbriand at a private clinic. Wow...the CLSC this was NOT. Nice decor, lovely reception/lobby area with the receptionist/hostess at a nice desk at room center rather than behind thick plexiglass for her own safety. Chamber music played and lent a nice ambiance to the cozy comfy place. Receptionist was charming and offered me a bottle of water (Wha!!???). I still had top wait 15-20 minutes past my appointed time though. I had blood taken, peed in a cup, an ECG for the first time I can ever recall, weighed, measured, BP taken (high) and eyes tested 3 different ways. After the Blood and Urine were taken I was offered a coffee and snack (WHA!!!????)since I had fasted since the night before. I think I might have a girl crush on the nurse. She was sweet, took blood without pain and has the most amazing skin! After all this it was back to the waiting room for my time with the Dr.
He was charming, pleasant, and pretty thorough in his questioning. While examining me he was checking my sinuses and placed his hands before my face and started tapping on the forehead over my eyes. It felt like he was tapping pretty freakin' hard and then he says"Does this hurt?" as I recoil and glare.'Yeess!!" I said and only JUST refrained from poking HIM in the head and asking snarkily"Does THIS hurt? " I think he's a mind reader because he started to laugh. Then he did the lower set by tapping my cheeks and no that didn't hurt.
Anyways, my dizziness seems to be the result of a virus, Labyrinthitis I think its called. Something like that. Anyways, I am alive, my ECG was fabulousness and the good doctor will be calling me tomorrow with blood test results. How's that for service??? Wowsers.
Tonight is the 1st anniversary for Effiloche. I must go stitch and bitch a bit.

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Scrappytbear said...

glad you are getting a little better and had a good doctor appointment! Is the language thing a problem?\ :) Feel better!
Virus? Talk about a catch all "we're not really sure and cant disprove it" vague ambiquous diagnosis!