Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Small Falling Down

Robyn is such an enabler.
I declared myself on a yarn diet. And I was really SINCERE. But today I went on Robyn's Nest( know...just to see whats new and all...NOT to buy anything...and there was the Briggs and Little. What is a woman to do when there is 100% wool for socks at only 5$$ a skein? Now, this is NOT machine washable superwash so it requires that the sock recipient make sure they don't shrink said socks. But at $5 dollars a pair and cozy wooliness at that, it worth the risk. I got violet and pink and peacock and heather blue. But then I remembered that the B and L anniversary twist special is 1.50 a skein for the "anniversary twist" worsted yarn. Buy any two BL skeins and you can buy the anniversary yarn for the sale I ordered two. Robyn makes delivery to our Montreal Knit night available so I don't even pay shipping or have to wait a week or so. This is how she being so damn efficient and courteous!!!!
I need a hiding place for the new yarn. HM has noticed the pile is growing............. When did he stop being so obtuse and oblivious????? sigh La Harlot is right...once you get hooked on knitting you begin to fear a world yarn shortage and start hoarding.
Ok...NOW I am on a Yarn Diet. For real!! Seriously...I mean it.....don't look at me like that.

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