Sunday, October 21, 2007


My energy is up a bit today. Yay!
I was telling my sister Friday night about the fatigue and she commiserated and made suggestions which were very much appreciated. I really DO need a complete physical. Have not had reliable health care/doctor since I moved to this doctor forsaken place and it really does suck hairy rancid donkey ballz to jump through CLSC francophone hoops for everything. Back home it was so much easier...knew the receptionists name...could usually get squeaked in for a sick kid or make an appointment for under a week away, more than once back talked the Dr for assuming I am some backwoods hick idiot because of where we lived, which was funny actually. This was very important because of all our various issues : depression, weight, female things, ADD for Ben, Allergy for Cameron. HM is very healthy though he has had stress related issues in the past like heart scare and acid reflux.
Right now I feel like something is not right with me. Yesterday I had repeated dizzy turns from even before I got up. Who the fuck gets dizzy rolling over in bed??! Without alcohol I might add. It happened periodically through the day too so I kinda stayed close to home and did a lot of calming deep breathing.
Today so far I am less dizzy and less tired so thats nice. I am scared to say anything to HM because it sends him into a panic and makes him slightly crazy. He is in the insurance industry after all and is well versed in all the things that could kill me because of my large weight though he never ever judges me and knows how I struggle with it. He is the first to say that he's no slimmy either. :oD
So I must try and get to a doctor/clinic that can give me a FULL physical etc to determine if this is all in my head or not. Might as well climb Everest while I am at it.
~~~~~PS: I finished an orange mitten that I started Thursday night and it totally fits Ben(Nashua superwash on size 4mm needles). When I make the other (today?) I will post a picture/recipe. I also joined a new ball to Cammie's sweater but his double knit mitten is still in a time out for not behaving as I want it to. Maybe I will just rip it and make mittens like the ones for Ben. Fast and easy...thats me.

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picperfic said...

hello there, sorry to hear that you are under the weather...maybe you need some iron? Floridix is a good tonic to take which contains loads of vitamins and minerals and iron and it tastes yummy too! As for th bootees on my blog, the pattern is in 'The Opinionated Knitter' by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Hope you feel better soon. Marianne