Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday night/Thursday Morning again

Kadi and I were the last knitters knitting last night when the coffee shop started dimming the lights...LOL Its so easy to lose track of the time when you aren't wearing a watch and you are in good company as we were last night. And a large company as well! So many many much chatter. It was awesome.
I got my yarn from Robyn and am most pleased. The peacock is brighter than I thought it would be but thats fine. The Violet and Pink is wonderfully coloured and will make such cheery sockses! I may combine all 3 colours into something since they really go nicely together...very vibrant.
Its important to remember that Briggs and Little is not luxury yarn. This is the kind of yarn grandmothers used years ago to make socks and mitts that were slightly scratchy but warrrrmm. The wool softens with washing and use and for the price is great stuff. Manufactured in New Brunswick too!
Projects I saw in the makings: Betsy is making the Moonlight Sonata lace shawl in alpaca laceweight. This girl is from Australia and attending McGill as an exchange student for a semester so we will lose her come January..BOO HOO. She is a serious fiber fiend with her Ashford wheel awaiting her return to Oz. She tats too! This is a fancy lace making technique that my aunt used to do and I have wanted to learn. It getting harder to find supplies and teachers for this.
Anna is working on something in the round for her very first knitting project.
Angela is making the most beautiful mittens for an exchange. The colours are plum and sage B and L yarn and she created a chart for a turtle with a spiral on its shell. It is to die for and these will be some serious hand warming art in my opininion.
Janet was working on another Eco Bag.
Robyn was working on a sweater for her wee'un.
Kadi worked on socks.
Marlene also a socker.
I worked on the other thrum mitten until I ran outta roving then I took up the sock again.
Anne worked on another scarf for a charity sale.
Madeline...ummm...I forget! Shoot.
This is all I know but there were many more knitters there. The problem is that we kinda have to sit in a row rather than in the round and its awkward to socialise with the other side of the shop! LOL
I got home after twelve, tired and talked out yet exhilerated. Lovely.

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K. said...

I had a really good time hanging out with you on wednesday, i can't wait until next time!!