Tuesday, October 09, 2007


(Gratuitous cat photo since I have nothing new in the way of pictures. Meet Miss Kitty! )
Today I have already slapped on that second coat of !!BLUE!! paint. I can't help it...when I look at those walls its is so very blue in capital letters with many exclamation points. Ben loves it. Next comes the trim work but I can more or less put the room back together whilst waiting for the gumption/paint curing and painter's tape purchase.

I also folded 3 loads of laundry that I'd managed to get clean and dry while sick this weekend. More is currently washing and drying. There is this afternoons fun and games. Boo Yah.

Also gotta go get some soup veggies and stuffs to make the chicken goop soup I started last night by making the stock. Chopping and simmering in my near future as well it would appear.

I turned the heel on Jessie's On-Line sock last night and am on gusset knittingI must say I am very pleased with the heel. Hope they fit her.

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