Thursday, October 11, 2007


Supper tonight was reeeeeaaaallly yummy. I made it up as I went along and now present what I did:

Chicken Baked Pasta

Chicken thighs (boneless+skinless)
Garlic...2 tsp
Salt and pepper
cheese (cheddar and parmesan shredded)
Meatless Tomato pasta sauce "Fine Herb"? I think its a Catelli one.
Pasta (it was spaghetti )
Baking dish

Pan sear your chicken thighs with the garlic and a nice dusting of basil, and some salt and pepper.
Place it in the baking dish and spoon some tomato sauce over the chicken pieces with a wee bit extra between. Don't use TOO much.
Bake the chicken until you are sure its done inside. While its baking boil your pasta.
Remove the chicken from the baking dish. It should be swimming in sauce now! Put the pasta in and and place the chickes pieces on top ( they should have a nice coating of the sauce baked onto the top when you took them out of the dish for the pasta to go in). Now top it all off with cheese and bake it again intil the sauce is bubbling up through the pasta and the cheese is all melty and delicious.
Serve with a veggie side dish or salad.

I spent all of yesterdays knitting trying aghain to make a mitten.
Again I must rip. ARGH! Very frustrating.
Ben had an appointment with his play therapist Sheila Ostroff today. OH my gods this woman is go great. What a genius in working with Ben.
The travel to and from the appointment is fraught with stress as we are always trying to beat the clock...get there on time and get home in time for Cameron and lunch. The parking sitch at the Montmorency Metro Terminal is INSANE!!!!!!!!! As in there is nowhere near enough. They have a finished parking facility (full) and some road side spots and then the overflow FILLS to bursting a really big empty lot riddled with big trenches and rocks and humps and bumps and lakes (not puddles) and MUD. It was iffy as to whether I would be able to maneuver the car OUT of the lot when we got back from Montreal thats how much more crowded it had become while we were gone. Insane I tell you. I'm gonna have to start leaving at 7:15 or earlier and drive us in in the crazed traffic because the metro takes longer than it takes me to drive home afterwards and I just don't have the time at that end...or find a lunch time placement for Cammie so I can stop wigging out about my abandoned child waiting for me.
The stress exausted me further than my semi sleepless night had thus far. Once we got home (Cameron had been waiting for us for several minutes by then unable to get into the house), and I fed the kids ate lunch, took them back to school I crashed so very hard on my sofa. Then afterschool Cammie had a Dentist appointment. Yay no cavities. Its a wonder.
So I will veg tonight in front of the boob tube. To knit..or not to knit...that is my only question.


K. said...

Ooh that sounds like a yummy recipe!!

AliP said...

It sooooo was. I had steamed green veggies on the side... "Nature's Balance" by Europe's Best. I heated a pan, added a wee touch of olive oil and garlic and maybe a tablespoon of water and sweated them with the cover on. Added salt and peper after they were done.