Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday morning/Wednesday Night Pikkies

Wednesday night with the Montreal Knitters!! Some got cut out of the picture because I suck as a photographer so i apologise...but I took a pic from either end of the row to try and get everyone.
Smiley gal in pink shirt on your right is Robyn of Robyn's Nest. She is smiling because she made money off me and Marla last night..hahahahaha She such a yarn crack pusher.

Smiley gal in white and grey is Sarah. She is such an amazing knitter it makes me her but really hate her. i so jealous.

The people at the very end of the row weren't actually with us (man and woman)....maybe they were there illicitly and having an affair and THIS is the photographic proof!!! Oooooohhh the drama. Good thing I suck as a photographer.

Knit designer Veronik Avery had time to join us tonight. I tried to find her new book at Chapters but couldn't find it. Will need to look at another store. I think its called Knitting Classic Style or Classic Knits or something like that. My fave pattern by her in Interweave Knits magazine is the NDG Sweater.

Last night I finished the Fake Isle hat!! This morning I soaked it in SOAK (Aqueous scent..I think that the name of the scent) and then worked the pointy bit the developed at the top and had me concerned because I didn't want the hat to make me look like I had a nipple on top of my head no matter how beautifully patterned. Now it is drying and hopefully will never again get the pointy bump thing at the top.
As you can see its a glorious sunny day here and Marla is already dipping into the primer for Ben's room. have a great day.
PS: Ben's red Betta fish, Fighter, died last night. His toilet bowlside funeral will be today at noon when Ben comes home for lunch.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

That is one seriously gorgeous hat, babe!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hey Marla? Knitting goes faster if you keep your eyes open! :-D

Vicky said...

That's funny...before I read down far enough it immediately struck me that there was a guy in the picture and I chuckled to myself about him being the lonely male knitter in amongst all those women,LOL!

Suldog said...

That's one fine looking gaggle of knitters!

Sorry to hear about the fish.