Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The cat will be away so we mice shall play this weekend...mwahahahahahahaha. ahem.
Plans include but are not limited to: Biodome(Friday)since there is no school this Friday and we have never been..2 years and never been to the Biodome!!!, and a ceramics cafe outting, and a trip to Effiloche for my 3mm needle and some circulars, and a trip to Oscars candy store as a bribe to the kids to be good at Effiloche, and a trip to that jewellry store next to Effiloche while we are there, and movie/game rentals so the kids will leave me be the rerst of the time and as a bribe to do their homework.
I am freaking out about La Harlot's Latvian style mitten. I had considered the idea of a sock type yarn with intriguing colourways as the contrast yarn in a pair of patterned mittens but as we all know, mittens have been my nemesis this fall and so had not yet had a chance to test my theory. La Harlot is not only the Canadian wunderkind of knitology BUT has ESP as well! Oh...My....Gods...I literally salivated at the sight of the gorgeousity that is those mittens. MUST MUST MUST get a good patterned mitten book with charts I can understand. The one I have boggles my mind shamelessly and makes me sad. Need Latvian mitten books. And Here Be Wyverns lest y'all think I have forgotten that tidbit. I am gonna knit me som dragonny things, mark my words.
I could do it myself if I knew how to make charts on the 'puter like some very brilliant techy type folk I know (COangelaUGH).
Am dizzy from the mitten lust...or too much caffeine...or that ear thing...I think its the mittens....

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