Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Blues

When I was a kid I remember distinctly loving, with passion, the colour sky blue. Ask many kids their specific favourite colour and you will sometimes hear "sky blue". What is it about this colour that appeals to kids? I think its this: innocence and exuberance. This colour is all about openess and sunshine, yeah? and thats kids.
So I will stop with the !!BLUE!!. I am embracing the blue and how happy its making my guy to have his room the colour HE picked out. How he is owning his blue. How his room has gone from depressing cave to bright happy space. It actually looks bigger ( surprise but still...)!

I'm not done yet. Like I said, trim needs doing and his blinds put up. HM wants to remove the carpet (The FINAL uninstallment you might say) to reveal the parquet underneath (I hope its the same as the rest anyways). Then Ben will be taken to pick out a new comforter and maybe some supa-cool posters. I also want to get him a nice big bulletin board for over his desk and maybe some kind of organiser thingies and shelving for all his junks (dictionary/pencils/etc..etc..etc)so that his desktop is accessible for his work or whatever. A new lamp may also be in order for the bedside. When we are done this will be HIS room...not just the place where he sleeps and keeps stuff.


Debra Aubin said...

That's so very ...... BLUE!!!!

Glad the big guy likes it.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I love the blue. My boys had a blue room until we decided to sell.