Saturday, March 31, 2007

Milestones ...{insert sounds of anxiety here} a parent we have to prepare ourselves for milestones in our childrens lives and development. I know that. Everyone knows that. What i don't understand is why we have to have the stomachaches etc that go with it.
Today...sigh..oh this is so hard.....{more muffled groans and whimpers of anxiety and worry}
TodayweletBengowitht2otherkidstotheparkonhisbike. gaspgaspgasp
As he left, joyous in his new found independence, we turn to each other with wide eyes and my husband was the first to say 'We are so not ready for this!!!" We held each other.
Oh Gods......


Debra Aubin said...

Big hugs to you. I'm already stressng Elspeth's first day of summer camp when she is gone all day, picked up and dropped by a school bus. I'll be giving Ainsley big time cuddles on that day!

Vicky said...

oh,,,, I love that moment you described. I can picture it. I really think you should consider writing something like a novel. I think you would be great at it.

Scrappytbear said...

Arent you glad you survived? What a scary moment! Better you than me, I'm still not ready!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Just look at it as practice for when you have to hand over the car keys for the first time.

Geez, I still worry when Mat goes off with his buddies! (One week to go before his 18th birthday)

You did good, girlfriend!

Whaledancer said...

I'm actually really proud of how cool we were about it. Richard only "went out for a bike ride" once in order to my insistant urging. But only ONCE!