Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Colour..she is Picked!!

I have chosen a Debbie Travis paint colour from Canadian Tire to purchase later this week. The name is Chinese Jade and I am really liking it. Its not too bright and has the earthy feel that is prominent throughout this house with its cream, chocolatey brown, goldeny sand, and terracotta. But the terra cotta is going. CJ is definitely GREEN but not "Oh my gods my eyes make it stop!!" green. And its several degrees lighter in colour than what is on the walls so its going to brighten the room considerably.
HM and Ben constructed the table and chairs from Ikea last night (174.99!!!!!!) and I love it. Simple rectangular table with smallish ladder back chairs. On of the ladders of one of the chairbacks got broken by HM when he fell on it so it has been Gorilla Glued and later I will remove the tape to see how the bond turned out.
I am so itching to get started priming the room. Mostly because it will take me away from having to frog back Ben's sweater..hee hee. Avoidance is my middle name!!
Speaking of sweaters, we come to YARN. Ariadne is having a St Patrick's sale. 25% of selected green, whitish, and orange yarns in honor of Irish-ness. I am drooling over Inca Gold Warani yarn in the colour Clover. Mmmmmmmmmm. Loving that color so much. Want it for ME. Mememememememememe. I am afraid of how much I would need for me.
Speaking of which..the diet she is not going so very well lately. I want yummies. I want chips and cookies. The want is strong. I have been weak. I admit it. sigh.
Oh well. Such is life.
Oh, and Sudog? NO ! Sucking hairy monkey balls does not have ANYTHING to do with my cat's nethers!!! That would be "sucking Monkey's hairy balls". Totally different.

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Suldog said...

Thank you for clearing that up! I'm sure I'm not the only one happy to hear it :-)