Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Night into Monday Morning

I slept in so good this morning and now I am paying the price. I am still WIDE awake as if I drank coffee allllll afternoon which I did not. Seriously. Not ALL afternoon anyways. yesterdays freakfest of parenting ended well. Ben now has a new independence of movement ..he is now able and somewhat allowed to go to the park and to some kids house to play and the kid was here to play too. I am still freaked out and tummyachey about the whole dealio but the kid IS almost 10 and should be able to leave the range of my voice. Which is actually quite a distance if I stop to think about it. Which I will not. one of the new limits was a resounding success.
I told ya all about Friday's shoppin's. I also hit the Dollarama yesterday and got lots and lots of stuffs. Plant pots so my poor hoya can FINALLY be repotted. I thought I would divide it so I got two pots but then I didn't bother so i had a big pot leftover. I got yarns and needles for Marla's little knitter Maranda. Ummmm....lets see. Jeez louise I spent like 30 plus bucks but thats all I can remember. Oh yeah..magazine storage doohickeys for my cooking magazines, boxes to starts sorting photos into, a binder for Ben to store his artworkings from school, Page protectors for said art, a wee storage box for wee things which i will use for stitch marker makings, beads for said stitch marker makings.... I love Dollarama.
Today I slept in late late late...11:30!!! The day was half gone!!! I jumped out of bed and was leaving the bathroom when HM handed me the phone saying "Call for you..." I answered the phone to hear "April fools day Mommy!!!!!!!!!" in Ben's voice. he was on the other phone downstairs. Aaaahhhhh yes...the April Fools Pranksing began. HM got Ben but Ben was NOT impressed. Cammeron got HM with a little help from me and was thrilled that daddy ..." He fell fow it Mummy!! He weally fell fow it!!!" which may not be the actual full truth but it made his 8 yr old heart glad so we will leave it go.

The prank was to go outside where Daddy was cleaning the cars out and tell him that Mommy lost her chequebook at the mall. Then just as HM's veins began to bulge and throb at his temples Cammie was to yell April Fools! I did not watch the show as I was in the basement laundry room potting up today's exciting find..a 10 dollar Gardenia plant from Rona. I went forth today in search of cheap garden soil and found no Cheap ones. So I got a Gardenia first!! Good thing I got that spare pot yesterday!! Its all potted up and looking good in the green room's window.
HM and I cleaned the cars today. 4 More sleeps to NS so HM figured we better get the Volvo clean for the ride and he cleaned his Echo too. Cammie and I washed the outside of the big V and I vacuumed a bit. The tempo was also taken down until next Fall. The driveway looks so open and tidy now!
I Vacuumed the house a bit too. Was sorely needed. The laundry was piled up again so thats been attacked with gusto. The washer is still running as we speak..I I type. The sleeve on the sweater is over 6 inches long now and my concern is that its not reducing in diameter fast enough. I will not worry too much though. It is meant to be nice and loose/baggy.
It was a busy weekend but also very relaxed.

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