Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today I got a great deal on some man sandals for HM. Klondike Timberline sport sandals that regularly sell for $69.99 on clearance for $19.99. $50 dollar savings..not too shabby. The Easter Bunny will bring them and they will be excellent for on the boat (non marking sole) or hikey walks. I bought my primer and my ceiling paint, rollers and plastic for covering furniture and floor. Now I have a conundrum..what to do about the ceiling medallion?
This is a smallish room with crown mouldings and there is a ceiling medallion from which hangs a rustic style chandelier (NON sparkly..looks like rusted iron with little linen type shades over the bulbs). Right now this medallion is painted the same colour as the ceiling.
I was wondering if it would be a home decor faux pas to A) paint it same as walls, B)antique it with wall colour or C) blend wall and ceiling colours to make a lighter green and antique it with that. What would Debbie Travis do?????? Probably leave it same as ceiling..... sigh.
Another case of bath tub cat poo today. HM hit the roof and demands the culprit be put to soon as we figure out who the culprit is. Its still looking like its Flash even though she was out all night. It wasn't there when HM got up but was there when he went for his shower (after she came back in and ate and after (possibly)Miss Kitty had gone out). So its not looking good for Flash.
The sweater is going great after fixing the stripes. I am in the home stretch of the colors across the chest and then comes arm pit casting off, so I am told. Woohoo.
Remember my book that I couldn't get? Well, I ordered a different one now since I had the gift card an all. Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman. This is the 3rd of her books that I will have in my collection and I had ordered it in the hopes that The Baby Surprise Jacket pattern was in it and/ or the Adult Surprise Jacket Pattern. They aren't. (doh) The Bog Jacket pattern is though so thats good cuz I likes that one too. I talk about this as if anyone but me cares but its my blog dammit and I care!
Also, a can of paint tipped over and fell on my big toes a couple hours ago and it STILL HURTS. Poor Ben ran for cover when the screeching curses started..literally! The child RAN.
I am a bad mother.

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