Friday, March 16, 2007

Me so haaaaappppyyyy

My Marla is back! My Marla is back!! She called me tonight cuz she's baaaaaaccckkk!!
She and her family were on their 3rd annual winter "cruise" down south since January (they have taken to leaving their sailboat in Florida for the summers now so's they can cruise in the winters)and I have been at loose ends without her being home where she usually is. I almost called her at least once a week only to go"DOH..down south". She called me once from somewhere in the Caribbean and I had the occassional email. Just..not..enough..
But NOW??! She's back and all is once again right in the world......or at least as right as my world gets. Plus, she gots a new vehicle!! Really NEW, not new-ish! Now I don't have to worry that her ass is gonna drop out on the road like everytime she drove her old van. Oh my Gods its a wonder the poor thing still moved!! I can't wait to see her new family wheels. Squeee!
I am very content this evening. Could be the AWESOME roast beef I made that had HM raving in honor of its awesomeness and him begging me to remember what I did and do it like this everytime...or it could be the red wine I am sipping now. I'm betting its the wine...and the raving was very nice too.

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Vicky said...

Hey Alison..glad you MArla is home, hehehe!