Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Night

We soooo got dumped on today. I mean by snow. Again, I forgot to take a picture but believe me, shovelling the driveway was not very fun. Yet it could have been worse...
We put the kidlets to bed around 9ish this evening and donned our gay apparel to shovel out since the snow had stopped and the plow had gone by. Our home is lovely and sits on a corner lot, and our driveway has two entrances. Twice the shovelling. We did the end at the front of out home and then walked around the corner to the other end. Why didn't we cross the yard? Because the snow is over our boots that way!! We gots snow, baby!!
On the other steeet end of the drive, the plow had been by but has not yet, at this writing, cleared the street back to the curb. We were looking at a lot of street to shovel before we hit driveway. So we plodded on with the scooping and tossing of cold white stuff. A couple of houses down a snow removal tractor was at work clearing a driveway and man was I jealous. Soo jealous. The snow removal guy must have felt my tractor lust because he zipped down to our place and cleared the end of our drive way out!! Then with a merry wave off he went to do his next driveway. All told he was done in maybe 1 minute thanks to that handy dandy gigantic snow blower. How friggin' awesome is that!!
Of course the plow will fill it all back in on its next run through, but I'd rather only do it once rather than give my self a heart attack or sprained back twice.
Monsieur Deneigement, je t'aime!!!! Merci beaucoup!!! xxxooo


Vicky said...

Wow, sounds like a fun evening..shoveling. We didn't really get the storm we were supposed to have. Intresting isn't it that we've had none since Trent has been bach...grrr!. Anyway, hope your back feels okay,maybe you can just snuggle inside and relax today.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sister dearest

Sounds like you could use a snow blower. I just got finished doing my driveway here, (Tuesday with a surprise snow storm)and I would never be able to do that without my trusty blower.