Sunday, March 11, 2007


Why is it when you are really really looking forward to a day it manages to suck hairy monkey balls???!!
Saturday was meant to be my serious reintroduction to the world of down hill skiing. I gots mah new bootses, I gots mah new skises, I gots a lesson lined up.....I's ready! AAAAAnnnnnddd it RAINS! Still, we head out ever optimistic that the trip north will turn said rain to snow. It did....kinda... Snow and ice pellets and rain..I think this is what we call SLEET. grrrr The slopes sucked big time...very very slippery and granular on a hard base. Lessons? Cancelled. We coulda just stayed home and saved the almost 3 hour round trip to the soundtrack of bickering brats. At home I have earplugs. At home I can separate them. sigh
Oh..did I mention my wonderful new boots? They do not pinch my legs and cut of my circulation at all. Nope instead the drive daggers of agony into my arches until I am near in tears. Apparently NEW ski boots do this until you break them in. Noone told me this, but I was comforted by the fact that I was not alone in my pain because HM bought himself new boots too. HA. Misery loooooves company. So, how does one break in new ski boots before using them for skiing? Anyone? Anyone? Hints required here.
By the time I got home I was tired and headachey and in need of a nap so I disappeared for a few hours to my bed. When I re-emerged I checked my email to discover that my book order from chapters used books was being cancelled because, even though the website said they had the book Here Be Wyverns available from another vendor, turns out they DIDN'T. I am seriously upset. I really really wanted that book with a want that is stronger than strong. A want that is sick and wrong in its wanting. I WANT THAT FRAKKING BOOK.
Friday night I went to Effiloche and it was tres francaise this week. I understood almost noone or anything and my pal Andre Anne was absent. She has laryngitis. That was okay though! I am meant to learn more french and the best way is in a french atmosphere. The fly in my ointment was the noticing of a big honking mistake in my color worked stripes. ARGH.. I have to rip back between 2 and 3 inches. Add Frioday night mistake finding to saturday's comedy of horror and we come to Sunday....
The weather today was/is beyond glorious. 10 degrees Celcius above zero with a light breeze. Ice and snow melting off the roof and walkways. Sunny sunny sunny. While enjoying my morning coffee I called Barb to straighten out my knit problem. She wasn't there. Thats ok. I call Julie. Julie is having a ball of a time renovating her daughter's bedroom with great success. I look around my morning room..paint chips and smears on the walls, catnip all over the floor from Monkey and his herb dependency problem, general scruffiness..and I hit my wall. That was it..I'd had enough.
I didn't cry. I didn't rant....much. I was just so frustrated that things were not progressing as I wanted. I wanted things to go MY WAY. Much sighing and whinging and flailing of disgruntled limbs. What I really wanted to do was lay on the floor and thrash and kick but like I said, it was kinda gross from all the catnip and cat hair.
No paint longed for book on its way...this called for a trip to.....dahdahdah daaaaaaaah


Ikea...Swedish store of opportunity and yummy cinnamon rolls. MY happy place. Ikea. I love you. You make everything better. sigh :OD

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Suldog said...

Well, see, considering the name of your cat, and the fact that he has been... fixed... does "sucking hairy monkey balls" have any hidden meaning? I hope not!