Thursday, March 15, 2007

Work commences

After about 2 hours I have 2 walls primed and about 1/2 the crown mouldings. Slow you say? Well..lemme tell ya...

First I had to find my step ladder. Turns out, its broken. I hoped it wasn't tooooo broken and after I got about 3 ft of moulding primed, and it turns out it WAS too broken (paint spill number one). So I cleaned up sloshed and dripped paint and put the broken ladder outside and headed to RONA for a new ladder. At RONA noone seemed to be available to get a ladder down for me and so after waiting for service from the people with "SERVICE" on their shirts that seemed to be scurrying everywhere but in my direction, I took matters into my own hands. A youngish man came along and asked if I wanted some help (he didn't work there) but I said, I got this far on my own I may as well finish it. He laughed and said service was not a thing easily come by at this store.
I grabbed another pack of plastic sheeting, checked out and headed home. Got back to priming mouldings and trim.
The kids came home. Then I had "help". Eventually the kid next door called and the boys left to play. Then I finished up priming these two walls, cleaned up paint off the floor and took these photos. I remember now why I hate painting. Its never as simple as I think its gonna be. Or as easy. And always muuuuch messier.
It would be so much easier if the room was empty of all furnishings so that I could maneuver easier. Maybe thats my problem. Too much stuff in the way.


Suldog said...

I think it's definitely worth the effort of moving the furniture out of the room. More room to move, less chance of splatter, no need to drape dropcloths everywhere, and when you move it back in you get a whole new fresh appreciation of the room.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

It's a start. Don't stop now, Chickie!