Thursday, March 01, 2007


We are to be getting snow, according to the radio. Lots and lots. I hate shovelling.
Went to the grocery store today because yesterday was payday and I have kids home for the next 10 days and needed to stock up on munchables, did NOT go to prepare for a storm in any way. The line ups were larger than I would have liked. Preparation for snow may entail bringing in some firewood incase the power goes out.
Sweaterwise, I have completed the colorwork and now am just knitting the red in the round until its time for more blue. So far so good. The mistake I did make isn't very noticable in the first row of blue and I am NOT frogging back to fix it. Would EZ frog all the way back because of two misplaced stitches of red???? I think not. She'd say it was a creative interpretation of the chart, I bet. At least that will be my excuse. If I had noticed it closer to the occurence I would have ripped back but since I was on the homestretch of the colorwork, fuhgeddaboutit.

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