Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Spring is on its way if the recent temperatures are any indication. With the warmth comes damp and with warmth and damp come the invasion of sowbugs in my basement.

Our basement is one of the finished variety and very comfortable indeed. Alas, under all the "finished" there still lurks a basement and like most basements, its a great place for common household bugs.

I have been vacuuming and laying down non-toxic bug dust along the baseboards in an effort to diminish the numbers but so far not so good. They are still finding their way out of the darkest recesses to creepy crawl along my family room floor, the laundry room floor, the laundry tub (big sink), and yes, even upstairs in teh kitchen if the truth MUST be told (they come out from under the cabinets and baseboards). Its icky. Its creepy. I want it OVER ALREADY!!!!!!
The good news is that they are not disease bearing harbingers of doom. They are just sow bugs. Its just that they keep coming out and they have too many legs which is what I hold against almost all bugs. I don't want to resort to scary toxic methods of pest control, but jeez louise enough is enough.
I have never lived in a house with so many sow bugs. Back on the homestead my bane's were earwigs and shingle flies with the very occassional surprised silver fish, larder beetles, or centipede. MUCHO spiders in that house though which would explain low numbers of creepy crawlies.
Ugh...I have the shivers...bleahhhh

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Suldog said...

Yuk! Every so often we get centipedes. They creep me out totally - that "many legs" thing.