Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday and pictures

We has gots SNOW
After Valcartier with much hat head.
Monkey had some catnip this morning and after beating up the scratching post he needed his rest. He is about 6 months old now.

Holy Schmoley what a weekend. Busy-ness did ensue and us grownups are wiped.

Saturday was more digging out from Friday's deluge of 34 cms. Then the menfolks had karate class, returned and headed for the slopes. I dawdled around, chatting with my Barbara, and eventually book shopping at a used book shop in Laval. Sunday was a travelling day.

We left home and headed for the Quebec City area to visit HM's papa and step- mere. Snacks and drinks were had and then a magnificent roast beef dinner. honestly, the lady makes a kick ass roti du boeuf. I can only dream of making it as good as her and i have her recipe! HM's step bro and younger bro were in attendance as well. Bro was in the area for some reason..I think to have a couple of days snowboarding fun and step bro lives in the area. It was a lovely time, seriously. Much laughter and chatter. I hurt everyones ears and brains with my French (or my version of the language)but HM is actually impressed and amazed at my progress since we don't speak French in this house as a rule. So there, an old dog can learn newish trick to impress the older dog.

Then it was off to the hotel and the hotel pool. Upon returning to our room the kids announced they were hungry again so HM did a McDonald's run for everyone. About 3 or 4 hours later I was yarging mine back up in the bathroom. Yuck. I did not sleep well at all.

Monday= Valcartier Village De Vacances!!!! Upon rising we discovered we forgot Ben's medicine at home. This is not good. Without his Concerta Ben becomes possibly the most annoying and sometimes dangerous to himself organism on the planet. His impulse control is next to nil and his volume goes way up. He can't seem to hear us very well either because his brain is racing too far ahead and he's trying to catch up. tantrums happen over next to nothing such as telling him not to stick his head under the tow cables incase it gets caught, or in my worst case scenario version, cut off. Oy. Tempers flared repeatedly and much deep breathing was employed in an effort to calm ourselves. Despite this set back, we had a fantastic time. Of course, I forgot the camera in the car. We slid, and rafted, and even did the much feared Himalaya slope. YES! I did a Himalaya run!! And I screamed like the terrified girl I am. Its a very steep, fast slope and you had to go in groups of a minimum of 6..I think either for stability or because of yesterday's crowds. My hat blew off about halfway through that one but my knight in dented armour retrieved it for me at risk of life and limb and much snow in his boots.

What a sweetheart.

Around 3:30 us grownups were tired enough that it was time to go ( after about 5 hours there) and we hit the road, stopping for drinks and snacks. There were major episodes of blowing snow on the highway all the way home, some quite blinding but you dared not stop incase the moron speeding up your tail rammed into you as you slowed. It was a little unnerving and the backseat soundtrack of Ben (mostly) and Cameron didn't help.

We arrived home to happy pets and our pet sitters were actually there too for their after supper visit. There was a bad smell in the house that I put down to one of our kids trip to the bathroom on arrival but soon I discovered the cause.

One of the cats showed its displeasure at not having an automatic human door openner here for the warmish weather by dropping a load in the upstairs bath tub. In his outrage HM demanded "Who was it??" 'What am I a forensic poopologist now???" was my reply but we both think it was Flash. She's the only one that is rude enough for that especially since we had two very nice and clean litter boxes in the laundry room. She can be very nasty.

So that was our big overnight trip in celebration of March break. Oh, and I think I added one two inches to the sweater in the car!


Anonymous said...

wow kiddo
that is quite an eventful weekend you had. So what do you do for excitement? LOL


Suldog said...

Well, damn good looking cat you've got there, anyway.

Vicky said...

Great house Alison, I have never seen your house before!!!

Debra said...

What a beautiful home! And I'm glad your trip went well.