Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Friday night

As I have mentioned before, I love going to Effiloche for their Friday night stitching gatherings. I only go every two weeks because thats when Andre Anne can go (we met there and have lots in common). Also, Danna comes when she can and she's a sweathgeart. They tell me they are reading this so please note the NICE THINGS I AM SAYING about them. And Ginette and Celine at Effiloche, my favourite Montreal yarn shop in the St Hubert Promenade (Shop Big!! Shop Often!!) always make me feel so welcomed. Its wonderful.
The very first night I went I won yarn. About a month ago I won another ball of yarn. Last night..I won a book. heeheee Friday Night Knitting Club is a novel making the knitterly circuits and is in great demand.
Since someone said something that triggered my "trivia" center thus making the answer of Musk Ox EXPLODE from me at great volume, I was the winner of the question round. Its a very embarrassing affliction I have that when the light goes on its accompanied by my loud voice. I startle people a lot. I don't mean to do it. I try not to. Its an involuntary reaction like, say, blinking..only louder and dangerous to those around me with bad hearts.
Anyhoo, so gal-I-don't-know said ox which made the answer musk ox blurt from me making me the official winner. I chose to make the woman the recipient though because I have won twice before and I don't want it to look like the contests are fixed or rigged or whatever. Plus she said "ox" which was part of the answer. Maybe they should start having the trivia contests when I'm not there.
I made a yummy hummus style bean dip/spread. You know me, I don't measure when concocting so do the best ya can if you try it. Recipe follows:
Mixed Bean Dip/Spread
can (s) of 6 beans mixed (or any number..this is what I used) :2
FRESH mint leaves :entire bunch
garlic: about 2 1/2 tablespoons
cumin: about 2 teaspoons or so
olive oil: about 1/4 cup or less
salt and pepper: 1/2 teasoon salt each
lime juice: 1/4 cup
peanut butter OR tahini: 2 teaspoons or so
Place all ingredients in a food processor and puree until smooth. Refrigerate and allow flavours to develope.
Remember that I didn't measure so these are estimated amounts..I may have used more so concoct to taste. Also, this made a biggish batch so feel free to half it. Its awesome on pita bread, with crackers or vegetables or any way you enjoy hummus.

I tried Ben's sweater on him for size now that the back is cast off and the back neck stitches on a yarn for holding. Its big..and long..But not ridiculously so. It will fit him for a couple years or so before becoming too small for him to wear. He is loving it. "Look at my sweater!' he cried out to his brother and dad. sigh...I wish they stayed that happy with Mommy made things. He encouraged me to finish it today to which I hooted with laughter.
Today was the test at Karate class for the menfolk. H-M is now a yellow belt!!! The boys are half yellow half white belts now. I am way proud. This class took so long that we are not skiing today and since they passed the class H-M promised a trip to the Movies today. TMNT here we come. I had discussed the possibility of catching this flick with AA and her kids next week but HM didn't know that and the promise was made. Sorry Andre Anne!!!
Tomorrow I must miss the Montreal Knits gandg at Cafe Castel because we are going to look at our first boat prospect. Its a Grampian 34 ketch. We will look at more boats in NS Easter weekend before any decisions or offers are made. There is something about this boat that appeals to me more so than the others but I am not the Captain, only the very inexperienced crew. Captain is experienced but rusty after so many years of not sailoring and since his stint at the maritime school in Rimouski. This makes going out on the ocean a very "eeek"-y prospect for me but adventure calls stronger than fear. On a boat I am like a dog hanging its head out a car window. I love it scariness and all. Except if seasickness strikes...thats not pretty. Always remember ..on a boat, throw up and pee facing DOWN wind. This is about all I know.

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Vicky said...

I couldn't imagine you blurting out the answer, heheh. Just one of those things to love about you!!! It is nice that Ben so loved his sweater, cause you are right...that doesn't last. I did not know you were coming down for eater. Yahoo, maybe I will see ya!