Tuesday, March 20, 2007

As done as I can be

If I ever say I'm going to paint a room again..shoot me. At least if its a room with wainscotting and mouldings. What a pain in the arse.
The painting is as done as I am going to get it. Lots left over so I am thinking that eventually the cellar way will get a fresh coat. I am wiped. Was trying to get everything just so for when HM got home tonight but as I was reassembling the room he arrived home. VERY impressed he was too until he looked at the floor. Oops.
As soon as the light fixture is replaced and the books in the case I will snap a picture and post it. For now it just feels good to be able to walk through my livingroom again without tripping on something from the breakfast room.
The whole room looks so fresh and vibrant now. I am really happy with my choice in colours. Now, for new window treatment........

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

So you need a new floor now? :) I was wondering how you were going to convince HM of that! *grin*

Rest a while, now, will ya?