Friday, March 30, 2007


We are less than a week to "take off" wherein we will be takin' off for the right coast (East). Yay!
So today I was very lazy. After the kids went to school I went back to bed. Oh Gods it felt SO good. The right thing to do apparently. But nothing else got done.
Lunchtime was the usual except I chatted with Barb which was very fun. Again, beyond feeding children, nothing got done. After I took them back to school I had the stroke of brilliance and decided to go to Walmart for Easter stuffs. On the way I thought..hmmm whats on sale at l'Equipeur and when i left there I had an outfit for Hawaii. Whhoooopsy! How'd that happen?? heeheee
Oh man I had fun. I prowled the sale racks but though there were HEAPS of things on sale I was on a mission. I tried on several things but what wowed me was these cute striped pants. They are light beige with fine faded turquoise and white striping, wide leg cropped pant. Cottony fabric. Even though they are a cropped pant I still need to shorten them. Everything else went back to the racks and began a hunt for stuff to go with these awesome pants. I tried several things but what was "right" was this white lightly fitted blouse. They had it in a great subtle turquoise too but the white is what did it for me..very odd. To get two looks I also got a white cotton lace trimmed camisole so i can go buttoned up or open. Then i saw purses. ooopsy. Well one needs a summery purse for hawaii right? Right. I got this cute beige crochet jobbie with a fake leather strap. Excellent shoulder bag. So..entire outfit that can have two looks plus a shoulder bag= Total....$99 and change. Not bad if I do say so myself. Man I love l'Equipeur.
I also learned something. I cannot wear a skort. "Nuff said.
I finally got to Walmart and began selecting candy and treats and wee gifties for the Easter bunny to bring the boys. Bike accessories for their new bikes and some books.
I also finally found a 16 inch 5mm needle and will knit the sleeve on to it ASAP. Should go muuuuuch faster when I don't have to switch needles all the time.
Lost another fish yesterday..the blue gourami was a floater when I turned on the aquarium light.
That is all. Have a groovy night.

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Scrappytbear said...

Wow sounds like you got a lot done to me :):):) Great find on the outfit, and YAY on the needles! Be looking for those sleeves!