Sunday, March 11, 2007

After some recovery.....

.... I can now discuss what was purchased at Ikea. We went a little wild but its not like we do it every day and it is furniture,!
We went in and got an awesome bookcase thats taller than me, 2 bedside tables because we never have had any and the upside down Duraflame logs box I was using wasn't very chic (as if we care about that), a rug for the sofa/coffee table area cuz it was only $49 and I liked it, drawer organisers (cool), a new dog basket for Blossom the amazing sleeping dog, ummm...oh yeah, a smallish table and chairs for the breakfast room ( a table and FOUR chairs for $179!! C'mon how do ya say no to THat??). On payday I am getting paint come heck or high water. That room will be done come April. We also picked out new bureaus for our bedroom and will move the mismatched stuff either to the family room or kids bedrooms. Man..I has bedside tables!! I feel like such a grown up now. Heeheeheeee.
Ok..Galactica is on .. Gotta book.

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