Tuesday, March 27, 2007

T'is Tuesday

9 days to going back home for a visit. I am getting antsy. It won't be long enough to see everyone that I'd like to see but its better than a boot to the head. I takes what I can gets.
I asked HM whether he had checked Nova Scotian job opportunities in his field and/or with his company lately. Taken by surprise a bit he said "uuumm no..Why?". Just wondering I replied and continued to look out the window at the passing country/city side as we drove. I think that got him to wondering if I was getting homesick again which I'm not...at least not anymore than usual. Its a great life here do not get me wrong but I am still not "home" here exactly. I AM trying and its very nice here indeed! For sure. Really.
Anyhoo that brought a discussion on how long he thinks we need to stay here..house equity etc and so forth. I listened and said ok in all the right places. This summer should take care of all the home longings. Then I will want to come back here (home)..LOL. Nothing like having a proper roof over your head eh? Home is where th heart and roof is.
On to other stuffs:
Its Tuesday and the snow is melting more and more now that it is truly Spring. I can see some of the flower beds and the neighbor's encroaching monster lilac has obvious buds. I am eager for my crocuses etc to poke their wee heads up. I planted enough of the little frigger's last Fall...there ought to be one or two what survived eh?
I did NO knitting yesterday. It was a day of laundry. I still have many loads to go before I rest but the baskets are towering and toppling so I guess some needs to be put away before I wash dry and fold more. Ugh. I also cleaned the aquarium. The fish were grateful. HM's angel fish is sooooo much bigger than when we got it in January. It was so small at the time... body the size of a nickle with fins on top of that. Now I'd have to say its at least the size of a toonie. All other fish seem healthy and happy too.Maybe we should get a couple more gourami fishes or something.
I just finished re-reading the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. I have changed my opinion of book 4 now. I thought it was a piece of crap compared to the first 3 but having read them altogether this time I find it does its job. The others just seem to have so much more happening and this one just seems to build up with little resolution. But doing a re-read is good because I picked up on stuffs I missed before.
Now I am reading an early kathy Reichs novel. Possibly the first one... Deja Dead. Its so much better than the one I read first which is a much later novel. I'm glad bookstore lady recommended I try her earlier stuffs before writing her books off completely. If you like murder mystery with a focus on evidence then try her on for size. Whats nice is that it doesn't focus on the grisly acts themselves in detail of the doing but the aftermath and the folk that deal with the bodies of the slain.
I find that books that detail the sick and freaky crimes the writer can come up with creep me out too much now as I get older. I was very disgusted with a particular John Grisham novel that detailed the abuse suffered by a character. Its like the atrocities just get worse and worse as humanity's threshold gets higher and higher. As if true tales of atrocity aren't bad enough ( and they aren't broadcast on a large scale because thats so horrible we can't show these TRUE things on Tv or in the newspaper), fiction writer's have the burden of imagining ever awfuller (its my blog I can make up words if I want) deaths and disasters just in order to get published because readers hunger for something to move them..and since we have all become so comfortably numb that calls for something horrific. Thats what i think anyways.
So,...Deja Dead is pretty good so far. Sweater not worked on yesterday. Laundry devouring my basement. Fish happier. 9 days to going home. That about covers whats in my brain at the moment.


Suldog said...

I think "awfuller" is a fine word! You should copyright it, just in case it becomes big.

Debra Aubin said...

Sorry to hear you are homesick. My husband, having lived in Canada since 1991, wants to go back to the U.S.. It comes up in conversation a lot so I have a feel for what you mean by 'not fitting in'. I hope your visits help and that it works out.

Vicky said...

Sounds to me like you really want to come home...to bad that it doesn't seem like that's really going to happen. Yes, you will be home in the sumemr. You will get sick of us then.