Monday, March 12, 2007


This morning was lightly busy what with the return of Routine and all. The boys are back to school after their week off and this house is blessedly quiet.
Monkey had a vet appointment for vaccinations and was not thrilled at the whole experience. Eeek! The place where they stick me with sharp stuffs and stole my tomcattery!! he meowed.
Then we stopped at the petshop top get new food for the kitteh horde in this house. Monkey is ready for adult food and the girls are way fat at this point in the winter so they are being introduced to Nutro's Natural Choice for Indoor Cats, since the girls are fat and Monkey is an indoor cat. Let's hope it takes!
I found a solution to my sweater problem (Meg's Jogless Jog)but I still have to rip it back. I'm just glad I found a way to fix it.
Last night the guilt over buying furniture got to me and I couldn't sleep. HM says he has more guilt over spending money eating out than buying furniture for the house and in his words "How freakin' long do I have to wait to have a bedside table again? Isn't 13 years enough??" Also, he made the point that its furniture not some useless fun crap that we'd break or get tired of and dispose. Good point.
See, I can spend SMALL amounts with little to no guilt and not really think about how the smalls add up to bigs. But big amounts make me woozy. Woozy and worried. Woozy, worried, and guilty. Why? I have no idea. So while I could not see my way clear to fly home for my aunt's funeral, furniture is here longer than a weekend and goes toward the family home not my own wants. But I still feel guilty. ARGH! I guess I'm just not really used to being able to do this on occassion yet. Also, everytime we start feeling like we are movin' on up, something yanks the rug out from under us and we hit rock bottom again.

Ok..on to other stuffs like..Wallpaper off gassing VS Latex paint off gassing...Which is the less toxic and environmentally safer choice? Does anyone know? I read that natural fiber wall coverings are better than your run of the mill vinyl wall paper BUT thats not happening here. My choice is latex paint or wallpaper...If anyone has advice, post it in the comments .
I have commenced a new pair of socks for HM because he loves his sockses sooo much. These ones are done with a 6 ply sock yarn that takes a 3 to 4mm needle size and they are knitting up waaaaaaaay faster since I am not ribbing the whole leg. I guess if ya want socks from me ya deal with them being plain ol' stockingette because A) purling annoys me and B) purling slows me down and 3rd) I need everything done 10 minutes ago so slowing me down is bad. Thus, bit o' 1 and 1 rib at the top and then its stockingette the rest.
I found a video online on how to knit small diameter stuffs like socks with two circular needles rather than 4 or 5 dpns (double pointed needles) as I do now. I wonder if I can figure out the two socks on two circulars with this video? Karine offered to show me if I can get to Wednesday nighter on Monkland that she is at. I could go this week if I am not too tired. Its the getting up next morning to get the boys ready for school after being out for the evening that gets to me and makes me stay home. I really enjoy the Wednesday night gatherings though..hmmm.
Ok..thats it..I am so tired I could cry and with the guys gone ALL day I think I will forget about house work and take a snooze.

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