Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 commenceth

Woohoo...yay...blah blah blah...
Ok...Its 12:07ish AM january firts 2007.. and yes as my typo suggests I HAVE had a couple or few drinks. And yes they were tasty. Yum. Hussein..executed by hanging. Is it just me or is this totally anticlimatic? And weird. No more Saddam to mock and fear. Very odd. For me and possibly folk like me (approaching a young middleage and not overly globally aware), he's been the big bad wolf for a large portion of my least the socially cognisant part of it. It will take some adjusting.
Also, I may be really outta line here but harrassing the guy as the noose is put around his genocidal neck? A little creepy.
So now what? Is the world a noticibly happier sunshinier place? So what did this do besides make 5 seconds on the 10 o'clock news? Not much but remove a very bad man. his reign of evil ended awhile ago but still the killing, starving, bombings, fighting continue.
Whats the point?
Ok...lets get off that maudlin train of thought and hop the connecting ride to happier thoughts:
Got ski passes..whee. Ski school starts in two weeks for the boys. Fun fun fun.
My kitten is awesome. Monkey is the best. Except when he breaks stuff and wakes us up, not neccessarily at the same time. But his wee kitten luvin's are so awesome. Yay kittens! Go get yourself one.
My kids are so great. Ben can totally make me a cup of coffee almost just right. Its excellent when I am tired and don't want to haul my fat ass upstairs to fetch a fresh cup. Lets hear it for kids that learn a useful skill!!! Whoo Hoo! I can't wait until he's old enough to teach how to mix Mommy a cocktail. Whats the usual age for that nowadays?
Cameron...aaah Cameron. A boy after mommy's own heart. Couch potato supreme with a giggle that makes ya melt. My own Captain Thunderpants...what can I say? You light up my life in your own weird way sweetie and I mean that. Don't go changin' except to learn how to fetch me coffeee and give your brother a break.
And Blossom..sweet Blossom. I resolve to clip your nails more and try to pet you more often ol' best dog in the world.
And the know..keep on trucking right buddy? Or whatever...
I'm kidding...he's great and sweet and all that good husband crap. Just don't go letting him know cuz then he'll get all full of himself.
Yup..2006 was quite a year of melt downs, break downs, and what have ya. Here's to a terrific 2007. Be well and happy, fellow Podlings.

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