Friday, January 12, 2007


Ok..I just had such an awesome night. I went to the stitch and bitch hosted at Effiloche (Eff-eel-oshay) on St Hubert and I was in yarn and fiber heeeeeaaaaavvvveeeennnn. I bought a new ball of sock yarn for Ben's socks, Trekking XXL from Germany in great red and orange colors with white and charcoal. AND I won a draw..a free ball of Tofutsies, a wool/cotton/ soysilk/ chitin blend. Its a newer product with lovely sheen and the chitin is naturally huh? The chitin fiber is made from shrimp and crab shells. Soysilk comes from soy. What a nifty yarn and its gonna make me a suh-weet pair of socks someday. But first the socks for Cameron (on the toe decreases of sock 2 and will attack sock one ASAP) and Ben ( estimated date of cast on is Monday January 15)and Husband Man.
I am so enjoying these knitty outings. They lessen my isolation and lonliness so much and the knitting really gives me something fun to do with my time. I am really enjoying myself and have a greater appreciation for this place now. Yay knitters!
Met some great people tonight. Sylvie, whose mom knits amazing socks, Andre-Anne who was fun to sit and talk with, Ginnette who has the greatest yarn shop I have been in since I got here, Joanne who was very cool, and Barbara of . She makes yummy cookies too. There were lots of others including knitting teenagers! How cool is that!!
I treated my fish for Ick today. Monkey, as usual, was fascinated with the idea of fresh fish for dinner but was dee-nied! Look how much he has grown. Oh my doodness hims a big boysie now. Yes him is ooh yes him is.
Ahem. Sorry about that. Enjoy the pics. I am going to go fondle my balls (YARN) some more.

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Scrappytbear said...

Cute! Nice yarn! I only made one sock, a stocking, and it was crocheted so was done differently, but same idea with that silly heel!
Hope the fish LIVE.