Friday, January 05, 2007

5 days into it ... the using less sugar thing is going ok. Time to reduce it further I think so I will throw out all fudge that was recieved for Xmas. I'm the only one who'll eat it anyways.
Know what bugs me? And maybe it shouldn't...maybe its a selfish thing..but I don't care. It still bugs me.
If you are an newly recovering alcoholic..those that love you choose to avoid alcohol in your presence.
If you have just quit smoking, those that love you will avoid smoking around you.
Give up sugar and the one that loves you stocks the cupboard with cookies and Vachon cakes. What the fuck is up with that?? And trust me this has been an issue on other times I have tried to control my weight gain and perhaps LOSE a freakin' pound. But the temptation is always there. Always in the cupboard waiting for me to get weaker. As if that person who bought them doesn't know he needs to lose a few pounds too. And has mentioned it. And did give up pop. Yay you. But still..cookies and Vachon cakes does not a trimmer waistline make. And I have explained how the sugar works on some brains like cocaine addiction..not easy to kick that habit is it? Would one wave some snow under an addicts nose??? I think not Maybe I should switch cuz fer sure I would get thinner. Thats a joke...kinda...hmmmm..
When I was a teeager and called Porky by my brother and called a Fat Slob by my dad ( I shit you not...they may have no recollection of this but I do..vividly) I would declare myself on a diet. And my mom would promptly load the cabinets with cookies and chips. It happened more than once. Maybe she thought that they'd be safe now that I wouldn't eat them??? And thats about all the help I got in the weight loss game. When I was old enough to cook for myself and maybe buy my own diet foods, it was easier but still, Not a weight loss friendly house.
So here I am AGAIN. On my own. Trying to add a couple of years to my life span. I know Yoda would say "There is no try...there is only DO." but Yoda never had 60 pounds to lose and serious food addiction. Sanctimonious little green fucker. Ooooh..sorry.
Foods now on the NO list:
  • refined sugar in its obvious forms ( sugar, brown sugar, cake, cookies, ice cream, candy, chocolate, gums with sugar)
  • chips in any form.. any salty greasy delicious form

This list will increase (remember the baby steps plan??) as time wears on. Days one to 5 were no sugar in my we have the list above. We will see what gets cut out in the future. If I switch too fast my body will revolt like it did last night when I scarfed back numerous Maria cookies and milk. Mmmmm milk. I like milk.

Instead of snacking inappropriately, I will knit. Knitting will save me for sure. Its wholesome and zero calories. Character building, except for the swearing. I have begun a beautiful sock for Cameron, it will someday be joined by another and he will have a glorious pair of stripey blue and green multi colored socks made with a machine washable wool blend that cost me almost $20 (Opal brand). Expensive for socks I know but soooo beautiful. Then I will find a color way for Ben. I'm much faster than I was a few years ago and attempted socks with this thin sock yarn. I already have about 3 inches done and only started yesterday. Also, I so rock because I am doing the leg bit not in simple stockingette stitch BUT in knit 3 purl 1 rib. Its so awesome. I will be so popular in this house when I master the sock. Husband still wears sock my mom made for him years ago. He literally wears them out. They are too thick to actually wear in shoes thought being made in a polyester yarn more suited to sweaters etc. They make excellent house and boot socks though. Also on needles are Ben's yet to be finished slippers. he doesn't really need them anyways what with the crazy warm weather. Noone else is wearing theirs anyways. For now my area of easily lost focus is THE SOCK. There is no try...there is only DO.


Vicky said...

Feeling your pain...even though Trent is not the scrawny buy I met...he can still eat whatever he wants without gaining unwanted weight. It makes it hard, because his food chioces (although I would rather eat it myself) is often what will not work for me. Trent has this "work treat" cupboard that KILLS me.Maybe we can be a support system for each other????

Barbara said...

Hey chickie. Did you know knitting burns calories? That's what I keep telling myself. Too bad there's no snow because you could put all that "bad stuff" in a bag and bury it in the back yard and if the person who brought them into the the house wants some, that person would certainly get a work out digging it out. Ha Too bad about the snow. Cheering for ya. You shall succeed!

Whaledancer said...

Hi girls! Basia you made it in!!
Vicky, I will always support you. Last night I soooooo wanted snacks of the sugar or salty kind. It was so hard. Of course Richard came home with tortilla chips he'd kept the kids quiet in the car with. grr.