Friday, January 12, 2007

Madness!!!!!!!! Go read this. A bank accused a yarn vendor of running a scam because they were making too much money to be selling yarn for socks and refused their business. Its making waves all over the knitty world, even in the UK. Knitters want those bankers heads on beautifully knitted platters a la the Debbie New Debbie New and you will find said teacups.
I would so hate to be this bank's manager when the shit hits the fan on NPR and the Oregonian, who have been alerted several times as has CNN. Hell hath no wrath like a knitter denied her sock yarn!!!! Be warned!
Now go to and buy me a sock club membership...LOL

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Scrappytbear said...

That's rediculous! Do you sometimes thing that some people have too much power and too little imagination? lol
OTOH That's a lot of money for socks...