Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bit of Beauty

I was on my way to Bedfordshire last night (going to bed) and as I reached to draw the blind I noticed the frost pattern on the outer window pane. I am such a pathetic photographer that having a camera on hand would not have proven helpful, as my glarey photos posted here can attest. It...was...freakin'...beautiful... It was as if someone had pasted small glass beads on the glass in order to form the shapes reminiscent of branchy coral. ...Many many branched coral...formed of frost and ice. It caught the light from the neighbors house and sparkled and shone with ethereal beauty....ghost coral that will fade with the sun's appearance come morning.
An underwater treasure on glass made from ice. Impossible to recreate by human means. Breathtaking in its perfection.


Suldog said...

Nature can be so wonderful at times. I remember the thrill I got as a child upon waking one morning to find that everything outside, including every branch of every leafless tree, had been covered with a thin sheet of ice that sparkled with the sun. It was stunningly beautiful and something I haven't seen the like of in years now.

Whaledancer said...

I love the look of that really heavy hoarfrost that coats everything in a sparkly spiky white layer and reflects the sun like jillions of diamonds. I agree, Nature is amazing.

Vicky said...

It's too bad that you didn't get a pic. Well, if a photographer you aren't then you should be a writer because you description was great!!!!