Thursday, January 04, 2007

Knitting in the city

What a great evening! It was stitch n bitch night at the Second Cup on Monkland with Montreal Knits. It was least twenty knitters filling half the shop. One even brought her brand spanking new baby, Sean. Of course, he's perfect! Sooooooo tiny. Seriously. But so beautiful and hardly made a peep at all.
What an amazing mix of people attend these gatherings. Knitters come from every walk of life, income bracket, and race. Its absolutely fantastic to sit and listen to tales of life and knitting and share some of ones own with these newfound, or long time, kindred spirits. Way cool. I only wish I could remember everyones names!!! Ack. I'm completely blanking on the name of the woman I sat next to and then later, across from, the whole evening. She was a big help with my experimental (emphasis on mental) sock. Its a giant sock. huge. Could be a hat. I am tepted to tears it out and start again but my idea was to shrink it. I hope it works because the yarn is gorgeous Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leiceister hand dyed. That means reallly reallly pretty and expensive in non-yarn person speak. I bought a ball of lovely wool blend sock yarn from Ariadne Knits tonight too. 2007 is the year of the sock for me.
And I saw the most wicked cool mittens tonight. The pattern is at Hello Yarn...skull and crossbones mittens. I saw them up close and impersonal tonight as they were being knit and I must say Bra-fuckin'-vo. I am in awe.
The aquarium continues to fixate the family and has truly become a family interest with all 4 of us having input and the guys are learning a bit too. I got a really nice wooden piece today and it looks very nice...lotsa hidey holes if a fish so desires. Also got a couple of water plants.
Its very very late now. Goodnight.

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