Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Its a new year

Resolutions? Hmmm....isn't that just setting one's self up for failure or putting on too much pressure? My resolutions are as follows:

1) Continue with the removal or dismissal of old baggage. My who gives a #$%^^& what folk think attitude is continuing, but not as an in your face rebellion...just trying to make me a happier girl.
2) Master THE SOCK. I will knit socks if it kills me.
3) Take baby steps to get weight loss going again. Its depressing that I have undone 2 years of hard work in 6 months. Very very very depressing...hide under the covers and not come out because I'm so hideous depressing. Today, I switched to Splenda in my coffee...Thats about 2 Tbsp LESS sugar ingested a day. More steps to follow such as drink much more water etc etc etc. I have been on very strict diets in the past and that just sets me up to fall. The will power just gives out! I will try babysteps and avoid the diet " gimme sugar/fat/bread/etc before I rip your throat open with this celery stick" freakouts. We still remember the throwing of the lettuce head in August 1992. Dieting can reeeeeaaallly stress a chick out.
I am thinking about trying Tai Chi again. I really really liked it when I took 2 series of classes a few years ago. Turns out there is Tai Chi here in Terrebonne so unless the language is a major barrier, why not. It gets me out, I love the fluidity of the movement, and its doesn't make me sweat. I have been wishing I could remember the moves of Tai Chi Quan for awhile. Richard asked if I was going back to Crescent Moon to do my Level 2. I want to but I really really hate homework. I really do. Thats whats keeping me from continuing. I just do NOT want to write papers and read dry clinical stuff. I DID that already in school and University. Yes...study is a process...a subject is MORE than those things we find immediately pertinent. I get that and respect it. I just don't want to do it. So I think thats my answer.
Anyways, 2007 promises to be a year of more changes for this family. Nothing that I can really comment on here but they are positive changes geared to making this a happier family. Thats always good.


Tigerlily said...

Awesome awesome awesome! I love good motivation and positive vibes to do good stuff for our bodies. Tai Chi is a wonderful idea.. my hubby does it. Add in Tai Bo or kickboxing to get that extra kick ass out of you too. Kicking sugar will make you feel like you've got so much energy to burn (and you know what? That's exactly what it's doing... burning off the bad stuff instead of fake fueling you all day on sugar). You'll feel the difference! Good job. Blessings and happy new year to you!!!

Suldog said...

Baby steps are the best way to accomplish anything, I think. After you make a series of small gains (or perhaps losses, in this case) you look back and see how far you've come and you realize that those baby steps add up to a giant leap after a while. So, make those small good decisions!

Vicky said...

Oh ugh....I haven't ventured into new years resolutions yet...maybe to be more positive. Good luck with yours, that last one is a hard one,lol.